Oakwood have over a decade in experience in making claims; after a holiday accident trust our outstanding staff to get you compensation for your claim.

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Mr C was in Great Yarmouth when his accident in a public place transpired. He dislocated his clavicle after he tripped on some steps which were broken outside the restaurant.

Accidents which occur when you are away on holiday and should be relaxing can ruin everyone’s fun. We understand the disappointment that the whole family suffers after an accident like this.

Dislocated clavicles can be extremely painful and clients may need painkillers to be able to go about their daily routine of looking after children or just being mobile.

Simple preventable accidents such as this are so unfortunate. If risks in the workplace are minimised employers would actually benefit as they would lose fewer working days due to the harm that they have caused their employees. Health and safety risk assessments should be available for all employees to view and comment upon when required. Health and safety is very much a two-way street where employers should welcome the thoughts and concerns of their valued staff. Staff who are performing manual duties every day frequently can come up with suggestions to alleviate any potential risks to their health and safety going forward.

Employers should have a person who is competent dealing with health and safety issues. In smaller businesses this person may be the owner; often larger organisations there may be a few staff that have full-time roles in health and safety.

Oakwood have experts who have dealt with hundreds of public liability accidents; your claim will be settled with competence and respect. If you have had the misfortune to suffer a holiday accident Oakwood can help you to make a compensation claim. Oakwood have a team of dedicated accident at work solicitors with wide-ranging breadth of public liability legal duties here to take your compensation claim.

After this unfortunate accident in the workplace our client has suffered from mild insomnia. Accidents like these with more mature clients can cause lasting and permanent damage for the entirety of the client’s life. Employers need to be aware of their legal duties and responsibilities for the well-being of their staff members.

If you are unsure if you have a valid claim Oakwood can help they are able to give advice for free over the phone. After a holiday accident; call Oakwood compensation claim professionals on: 0844 499 9302 today.

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