When a woman from Great Yarmouth was injured in a supermarket Oakwood Solicitors accepted her case on a no win no fee basis; Oakwood specialise in holiday accidents or accidents that occur anywhere as long as the victim is not at fault and they will provide exceptional advice on making a compensation claim against a third party in the UK.

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28 year old Ms R was injured when she slipped on a wet floor in a supermarket. There are many areas in a supermarket which can be a high risk for slips and falls if necessary precautions are not taken. For example the main customer entrance where people are walking in and out of the supermarket is an area that is more difficult to keep dry due to wet shoes. Particular care and attention should be taken during the colder months when rain ice and snow increase the risk of wet floors.

Another risk to be aware of are spillages in the aisles which are a major slip hazard if they are not reported and cleaned up quickly. Warning signs and cones should be used until the spill is cleared to keep people away from the contaminated area.

There are plenty of basic housekeeping rules which if applied can significantly reduce the risk of accidents anywhere. Large stores like supermarkets need to be particularly vigilant due to the large number of visitors they welcome each day.

Oakwood’s team of personal injury experts are especially qualified to deal with holiday accidents; they will accept a compensation claim relating to an accident which took place anywhere in the UK on a no win no fee basis as long a third party fault can be proved..

Accidents on holiday can occur anywhere at any time. Accidents have occurred in hotels boats aeroplanes or even on the beach. The types of claims which are reported more often when people are on holiday are related to poor hotel hygiene food poisoning activities such as water sports and accidents in hired cars.

If you have had an accident whilst on holiday Oakwood will fight your claim for compensation as long as someone else was to blame for the accident. Oakwood’s clients receive 100% of their compensation and they don?t have to pay any legal fees if they are not at fault for the accident. The legal fees are paid by the third party.

If you should need expert legal advice regarding holiday accidents or if you have suffered an accident anywhere for which you were not to blame you can discuss a compensation claim with personal injury lawyers in the UK call Oakwood Solicitors where you will be guaranteed a professional and sympathetic service: 0844 499 9302.

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