Stress at Work – How Stressed are You?

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Stress at Work – How Stressed are You?

This Week Saw Stress Awareness Day and according to the NHS website Britons are working the longest hours in Europe racking up an average 40 unpaid overtime days a year.
Stress is becoming an increasing problem in this country police officers are being affected in a recent autobiography by a football referee he claimed that pitch stresses could end in suicide and due to public sector cuts a lot of public sector employees are really feeling the strain.
Stress is an illness and can progress to debilitating health problems and according to NHS figures 400000 people in the UK cited stress at work as the reasons for them being ill.
Stress can lead to anxiety and depression which are the reasons for 20% of GP visits.
The BBC have unveiled a test which coincides with Stress Awareness Week to see how stressed you are.
The BBC How Stressed Are You? Test goes through a series of questions about your personal and professional life using a scale from Never to Very often.
Once you have completed the test it then provides you with tips on how to cope with stress
1) Try to identify the source of your stress.
2) Talk to someone about your problems. Sharing your problems will help to reduce stress.
3) When you are stressed don’t just sit back and hope it will end – take control of the situation. Feeling like you are not in control is often what makes people feel most stressed.
4) Make sure you invest in relationships with friends and family as these are the people that will be able to help you through stressful times.
5) Exercise and relaxation techniques may not solve problems but they can help put you in the right frame of mind to do so.
To take the test click here

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