You should seek industrial injury claim advice in London if your employer’s negligence in protecting you from the noise levels in the workplace is the cause of your hearing problems.

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If you wish to proceed with a claim for industrial injury recompense you can do so as soon as you have had an official diagnosis from a medical professional as suffering from a degree of hearing loss. Mr O started his claim after his diagnosis and he successfully received £9230.34 in deafness compensation.

After your diagnosis if you think that your working environment is or was to blame for the hearing loss you are experiencing you then have to be able to prove that it was your work environment that caused the onset of your deafness. Evidence will need to be gathered in order to substantiate your claim for industrial injury compensation and to successfully achieve a positive outcome for your case.

An experienced claim executive from Oakwood’s industrial injury department can assist you in gathering all of the evidence you need to substantiate your claim and start proceedings against your employer for the industrial injury recompense you are entitled to for the level of hearing loss you have developed. We can provide you with any expert advice you will need about your situation regarding your claim for industrial injury recompense.

Seeking industrial injury compensation claim advice about starting proceedings in London should be considered if you can associate your working conditions with the hearing disorder you have developed.

Firstly you will have to give us with the identity of the doctor or audiologist that diagnosed you as suffering from a degree of hearing impairment in order to substantiate your hearing loss and determine if you qualify for making an industrial injury claim for hearing loss compensation. This information will provide the evidence that we require to enable us to proceed with your industrial injury claim for recompense an audiogram is vital to your eligibility to start an industrial injury claim.

You will also have to show along with the fact you are suffering from a degree of deafness that your work surroundings caused this hearing disorder and that it could have been prevented with better health and safety procedures in your area at work. Part of the evidence we need to have in order to make an industrial injury claim on your behalf is precise measurements of the noise levels in your place of work to prove that they are exceeding the legal safe exposure limits.

Once we have the evidence of the noise that is present in your place of work we will then have grounds to start an industrial injury claim for deafness compensation on your behalf providing we can prove in addition that your employer failed to take reasonable measures to protect your ears from the dangerous levels of sound in the workplace.

For industrial injury claim advice about starting a claim in London you need to speak to an industrial disease specialist from Oakwood as soon as possible on: 0844 499 9302.

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