Oakwood’s industrial accident claim lawyers helped Miss M make a claim for compensation following the accident she had at work; the expert employer liability solicitors in Leeds managed to secure compensation quickly on behalf of Miss M.

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Miss M had to take a large cage used for transporting heavy loads of goods down a kerb. Cages are large metal structures on small wheels a bit like shopping trolley wheels and they are not the most easy to move things at the best of times; they are certainly not designed for going down kerbs without a ramp. Miss M was required however to move the cage off the kerb without a ramp. In doing so she seriously injured her finger. Her finger got trapped in the cage which is what caused the injury.

Miss M should never have been put in a position by her employer where she had to manoeuvre the cage down a kerb with no ramp. The cages are stable when pushed or pulled on flat smooth surfaces but as soon as they start tipping even down an incline as small as a kerb they will tip and fall over due to the wheels being so small compared to the height of the cage.

If you have been involved in an industrial accident and you want to start your claim speak to the lawyers at Oakwood Solicitors in Leeds. We can help you make a case for compensation and make the whole process of making a claim as hassle free as possible.

Accidents in the workplace happen all the time and although employers are mainly responsible for the health and safety of their staff employees must also take some responsibility for their own safety too.

Employers should do everything they can to provide a safe and secure working environment but employees have to show some responsibility as well. For example an employee should avoid wearing loose jewellery or clothing if they are using machinery in which it could get caught. Employees should also take steps to ensure that they do not put other people at risk whether these other people are co-workers of members of the public at their place of work. Employees also have a duty to report any faulty or defective equipment to their employer as soon as it is noticed; it then becomes the responsibility of the employer to deal with the hazard.

If you think you have a valid industrial accident claim speak to the lawyers at Oakwood in Leeds. Our friendly team are waiting to help you call us no : 0844 499 9302.

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