An industrial deafness compensation claims specialist from Oakwood Solicitors can help you make a claim for personal injury compensation if you have suffered damage to your hearing as a direct result of the environment you have been working in.

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There is no better place to come than Oakwood Solicitors for advice and support regarding your personal injury claim for industrial deafness compensation. The industry related deafness compensation experts at Oakwood Solicitors are all highly experienced personal injury consultants and can help you claim the compensation you are entitled to for the hearing injury you are experiencing.

We were able to settle one of our clients Miss A’s case successfully after an initial assessment of her case showed she had a very strong chance of receiving a personal injury award. We worked tirelessly on Miss A’s behalf to prove that her workplace environment was responsible for the tinnitus she was experiencing. The call centre where Miss A had been an employee for five years denied responsibility for the illness Miss A had developed. Not afraid of a challenge the lawyer from Oakwood Solicitors who was working on behalf of Miss A did not give up until it was proved with no doubt that they were negligent in caring for their staff effectively. Our efforts were rewarded and we were able to settle Miss A’s claim and award her with the compensation she deserved. Miss A received a total of £5100.00 for the tinnitus she developed as a result of her conditions at the call centre.

You can make an ear injury claim for personal injury recompense with the help of the industrial deafness compensation claims experts from Oakwood Solicitors.

We will take your industrial ear injury case on a no win no fee basis. This will ensure that you get the compensation you deserve and at the same time a no win no fee claim will ensure you are not out of pocket for making a claim for the hearing injury compensation you are legally entitled to. We can assess all industrial deafness and hearing loss claims over the phone with your representative if necessary or we can communicate via post and email. If you want to be able to speak to a hearing injury consultant directly with the help of a representative you are more than welcome to come into our offices.

We have a specialist team of individuals specifically trained to be of assistance to the hearing impaired so do not worry about getting in touch with us regarding your claim.

If you need industrial deafness compensation claims advice about making a personal injury claim for the damage to your ears that you have encountered as a result of your industry then you can speak to a dedicated and highly experienced personal injury consultant from Oakwood Solicitors about your eligibility to make a claim. There is a strict time limit in which to get your case started so do not delay; we are eager to hear from you or your representative today. Call us on: 0844 499 9302

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