The specialists industrial deafness lawyers at Oakwood Solicitors can give you expert occupational hearing loss claims advice about making a compensation claim if you think that your deafness has been caused by your employers negligence in failing to provide you with a safe working environment; Oakwood Solicitors in Leeds have an occupational deafness division who can help you make a no win no fee claim for occupational deafness compensation.

 In Work Related Illness

The occupational hearing loss consultants in the industrial disease division all have an in-depth knowledge of the laws surrounding claiming compensation for industrial illnesses and of the laws surrounding the necessary factors for making a successful claim for industrial disease compensation. If you need a specialist occupational disease executive to help you make a successful claim for industrial disease compensation you need to approach Oakwood Solicitors as soon as possible so we can get to work on your industrial disease case.

There are many complex laws surrounding health and safety in the workplace and even more complex laws regulating the rights of employees to make a claim for industrial disease compensation if their employer is the cause of their illness. In order to be able to get the best possible result foryour industrial illness compensation claim and utilise the law so it is in your favour you need a Oakwood solicitor with this expert knowledge to claim on your behalf.

Miss R received £15430.00 in compensation for her work induced hearing loss.

Oakwood’s specialist industrial disease lawyers can assist any victim who has developed industrial deafness from their place of work to claim the compensation they are legally entitled to by making use of the no win no fee services offered by the industrial deafness experts within Oakwood Solicitors from Leeds.

If you think you have a valid industrial deafness claim for occupational hearing lossrecompense you should contact one of the occupational disease consultants from the industrial disease division of Oakwood Solicitors as soon as possible for a free and no obligation assessment of your occupational deafness claim before you miss the deadline for claiming.

You will have to wait to start legal proceedings until a doctor or other qualified medical health professional has diagnosed that you are suffering from hearing loss. Industrial deafness compensation claims cannot be started without an official diagnosis of the injury to the hearing or without the necessary report of the findings of the hearing test. You are only eligible to start a claim if your hearing loss has been confirmed as an illness and you can link the onset of your unfortunate hearing loss to the unsafe working conditions you were provided with by your employer.

If you would like one of Oakwood’s expert industrial disease lawyers to help you start a no win no fee industrial deafness compensation claim for the industrial deafness compensation you are legally entitled to you need to phone Oakwood Solicitors in Leeds as soon as possible and ask to speak to a lawyer from the industrial disease division on: 0844 499 9302.

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