The industrial deafness solicitors from Oakwood’s industrial disease and injury team are experts at negotiating compensation settlements for victims of excessive noise inthe workplace.

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If you have been subjected to a prolonged period of excessive noise intheworkplace and you have not had adequate ear protection provided by your employer or if you have been subjected to a sudden loud noise that has damaged your hearing you could well be entitled to make a personal injury claim. If there is significant damage to your hearing and it can be linked to your work environment there is a good chance that Oakwood Solicitors can make a claim on your behalf.

Ms S was an innocent victim of over exposure to dangerous levels of sound in the workplace. Even though Ms S did not operate one of the machines that emitted so much noise she should have been given ear protection to mask out the noise. Ms S was never told to wear ear protection throughout the entire 17 years she worked for the company. As a result she now finds it difficult to watch television with the volume at a normal level and can only hear a conversation if the person is speaking very loud. Ms S was awarded a total of £7120.20 in compensation.

You will need the help of the industrial deafness experts from Oakwood Solicitors if you are thinking about making a claim for personal injury compensation.

The law surrounding compensation and negligence in the workplace is complex and difficult to understand. If you want the best result for your hearing loss at work claim you need a professional from Oakwood to act on your behalf. We have an in-depth knowledge of employer liability laws along with a proven track record in thepersonal injury field. There is no compensation claim for industrial hearing loss that we are unable to handle providing it meets the criteria for being entered.

How do I know if my case is eligible for an award?

Speaking to a solicitor from Oakwood is the best and most accurate way of determining if your case can get started by a professional solicitor. The following guidelines may give an indication if you are eligible to make a claim:

? You have been professionally diagnosed with a hearing disorder and you have a written record of the report.

? You were exposed whilst at work to dangerous levels of noise either constantly or intermittently.

? You can prove that your employer did not take reasonable measures to protect you from the exposure to noise in the workplace.

It is not guaranteed that your claim for person injury compensation will be accepted based on the above as there are other factors that may apply to your case that could affect your ability to claim but if the above applies to you you should definitely speak to a solicitor.

If you need to speak to the caring and dedicated industrial deafness solicitors about your claim for work related hearing loss compensation you can call us directly today. You will get to speak to a qualified solicitor who will assess the details you provide to determine your eligibility to make a no win no fee claim. To talk to us now about your case call Oakwood Solicitors on: 0844 499 9302.

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