If you are suffering from an industrial disease and your employer is responsible for the onset of the disease you will need claim advice about starting a personal injury claim for the suffering you have had to endure as a result of your illness.

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If an industry related disease whether it is permanent or was temporary has left you ill and suffering you are entitled to make a personal injury claim to gain compensation for the time you have spent or will spend suffering. You must be able to prove that the illness or disease was caused by your employer failing to protect your from a dangerous or hazardous substance in the workplace in order to qualify for making a successful personal injury claim on a no win no fee basis. There are certain criteria that your industrial illness claim has to meet in order to qualify for a compensation award.

Many employees are at risk of suffering from an industrial disease; some employees know that they are at risk form the work that they do but others may be unaware of any risks in the workplace that could make them ill. Some employees are completely oblivious to the fact thateven something as harmless seeming as dust in the workplace could cause them to suffer from lung disease. If you work in a furniture manufacturers and the workplace is not adequately ventilated you still are at risk of developing industrial lung disease.

Industrial disease affects thousands of innocent employees every year; if you are one of these workers you should seek claim advice as soon as possible.

Certain industrial diseases do notshow any symptoms of developing for a few years following exposure to the substance or chemical that causes the disease to develop. Many industries are hazardous areas to work and exposure to some of the chemicals or toxins used in the workplace can cause an illness to develop on immediate contact. Some chemicals however can take years to start deteriorating the exposed workers health and the symptoms may not even become apparent until after the employee has retired. No matter when you were exposed to a substance if it has caused your illness you are legally enabled to make a personal injury claim if your employer is at fault for you being over exposed to the dangerous substance.

Mr D worked for a company that manufactured inorganic chromates. Mr D was only provided with a disposablemask in order to protect him from the toxic fumes. An investigation concluded that this was not an adequate form of protection. The kidney toxicity that Mr D was suffering from was caused by exposure to the fumes in the inorganic chromates plant. We were able to secure over £10000.00 in compensation for Mr D.

For industrial disease case claim advice you need to speak to one of the industry related illness specialists from Oakwood Solicitors as soon as possible. We can give you a detailed assessment of your industrial disease claim and tell you in a matter of minutes if you can get started in your case. Call Oakwood Solicitors today on: 0844 499 9302.

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