If you need industrial illness compensation advice about making a claim for work related illness compensation then there is no better place to come than the highly qualified and experienced work related disease team from Oakwood Solicitors.

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The solicitors in the work related disease division have so much experience in making successful claims for industrial illness compensation for clients who have developed an illness at work that they are proud to boast they have an incredibly impressive track record. There is no better representation available that that of the lawyers on the industrial disease team from Oakwood Solicitors. No matter where you are located in Britain we can help you make a successful personal injury claim if your working environment has led to you contracting an illness or disease.

Miss L made a claim for industrial illness compensation after her employer repeatedly ignored her request for an assessment of her work station to be carried out because she was not comfortable at her desk. The discomfort was causing Miss l to suffer from problems with her neck back and arms. This led to Miss L developing an illness that took weeks of physiotherapy to cure. Had an assessment been carried out and herworkstation adjusted her unnecessary suffering could have been avoided. We were able to secure Miss L a total of £3400.00 in compensation.

Industrial illness compensation can be claimed by anyone who has suffered harm to their body because of the conditions they have been subjected to in the workplace.

If you have had to work in a hazardous environment without the appropriate personal protective equipment or if the health and safety measures in your place of work are not adequate for the risks you are exposed to then you will need the help of the dedicated industrial disease and injury experts from the work related illness and accident team at Oakwood Solicitors. We can secure you the maximum amount of industrial illness compensation you are entitled for the level of suffering you have had to endure. We can assure you that the compensation award you receive will accurately reflect the amount of suffering you have had to endure throughout the time of your illness.

Your employer has a legal obligation to carry out a risk assessment of your workplace conditions and identify any potential risks before they cause an accident. the risks then halve to be eliminated. If the risks cannot be eliminated then staff need training fully on how to avoid the risks. Personal protective equipment should be provided to staff that are exposed t risks in the workplace as part of their job. The personal protective equipment should be adequate enough to offer full protection from the hazard or even more protection than is necessary. An employer’s failure to have a risk assessment carried out by a competent individual and act on the results of the assessment is negligent.

For industrial illness compensation advice or no start an industrial illness claim for personal injury compensation you need to call Oakwood Solicitors as soon as possible on: 0844 499 9302

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