You can start an industrial injuries claim on a no win no fee basis with Oakwood Solicitors in Leeds if you have been working in an environment where there was insubstantial protection from the sound emissions in the workplace and this has caused you to suffer a loss of hearing. There is a dedicated and experienced industrial injuries solicitor here who can help you claim the industrial deafness compensation you are entitled to which is appropriate for the degree of hearing loss you are suffering from if you have an eligible case for starting a claim.

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When you start a job and if there is a risk you will be exposed to excessive level of noise into eh workplace your employer has a duty to notify you of the hazard. When your employer notifies you of the hazard they must tell you about the measures that they have in place to protect you from the exposure. Some of the measures an employer must make are providing hearing defence for any members of staff who will be exposed to the excessive noises throughout their working day even if it is only brief exposure and informing you of where you can access the hearing protection that is available.

Employers must also tell you how you should report any issues that there are in the workplace with regards to the control of noise; if you do not feel that you have been adequately protectedyou should be able to go through a procedure with your employer in order to access the level of protection you need.

Making an industrial injuries claim on a no win no fee basis is now common for those who have developed a degree of hearing loss in one ear or both ears whilst working in an environment where the noise emissions into the workplace have not been effectively controlled by the employers; Oakwood Solicitors in Leeds can help you build a strong case for industrial injuries compensation if the basic criteria for starting a claim applies to your case for occupational hearing loss recompense. If the thought of making an industrial injuries case has been filling you with dread because of the paperwork and the liaising you will need to do in order to gather the necessary evidence you need to appoint a solicitor from Oakwood to act on your behalf so we can take all of the stress and hassle out of making a claim for industrial injuries compensation.

We were appointed to act as Mr D’s legal representative after a doctor diagnosed Mr D as suffering from deafness which was caused by his working environment. We were able to build a successful claim on Mr d’s behalf which resulted in him securing an award of £7600.00 in industrial deafness compensation.

To start an industrial injuries claim today you need to speak to a solicitor from Oakwood in Leeds as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss the relevant deadline for starting an industrial injuries case. Call us now on: 0844 499 9302.

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