Hundreds of industrial injuries compensation claims are made every month by employees who have fallen victim to a workplace hazard that should never have been present in the workplace.

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Oakwood Solicitors have successfully settled a vast number of these claims and we have many happy and satisfied clients who have received the maximum amount of compensation they are entitled to for the injuries they have sustained. If you are worried that the cost of using a reputable firm of solicitors such as Oakwood will outweigh the amount of compensation you are awarded and that you will have to use your award to pay for the time we spend on your case then you need advice about the conditional fee agreement. This is the safest way of making a personal injury claim with no up-front costs and no risks of you suffering financially for pursuing what is rightfully yours.

Ms G made a risk free personal injury claim through Oakwood Solicitors after a large box fell of a high shelf in a very badly stocked store room. There were no health and safety measures in place at Ms G’s place of employment to ensure that the store room was kept tidy and those items like the box that fell on her head did not pose as a hazard. As a result of the box of very heavy staples falling on her head Ms G has developed a problem in her left eye. Ms G now has tunnel vision out of that eye. This has affected her ability to drive and to work and has impacted in her life massively. Ms G was given an award of £14378.90 for her injuries.

Industrial injuries compensation claims can be made by workers who have been an unlucky victim in an unfortunate workplace accident through no fault of their own within the last three years.

If you have had an accident in the workplace and you believe that employer should have foreseen that the cause of your accident was a risk to your health or person and they did not do anything to eliminate the risk then they are at fault for your accident and subsequently for the injuries you have sustained. If your employers lack of care or lack of action is the cause of your suffering then you need to speak to a solicitor from Oakwood s industrial accident compensation team as soon as possible about starting a claim for workplace accident compensation. We are here to offer you top legal advice and representation from qualified and trained solicitors on a no obligation and no win no fee basis.

If you need industrial injuries compensation claims advice to find out if you are eligible to start a claim you can call our dedicated and caring personal injury lawyers today. We can give you a free assessment of your case and no obligation advice about the conclusions we draw from the information you give us. To get your case started today call the personal injury experts at Oakwood on: 0844 499 9302.

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