Making an industrial injury claim on a no win no fee basis is now common practice for those who have developed a degree of hearing loss either permanently or temporarily whilst working in an environment where the noise emissions into the workplace have not been efficiently controlled by their employers; Oakwood Solicitors in Leeds can help you build a strong case for industrial injury compensation if the basic criteria for starting a claim applies to your case for occupational injury recompense. If the thought of making an industrial injury case has been filling you with dread because of the paperwork and the liaising you will need to do in order to gather the necessary evidence you need to appoint a solicitor from Oakwood to act on your behalf so we can take all of the stress and hassle out of making a claim for industrial injury compensation.

 In Work Related Illness

If you already have to deal emotionally with the fact you are suffering from hearing loss and you are struggling to come to terms with your diagnosis it may seem like an unnecessary struggle to start a claim for industrial hearing loss compensation if your working environment is the cause of your deafness. If you come to Oakwood Solicitors to make a claim you will not have any of the stresses attached to making a personal injury claim alone; you will have a dedicated industrial hearing loss solicitor there for you at all times from the day you call us to the day you received your cheque. All the paperwork that needs doing will be completed by your solicitor and any evidence that needs gathering can be initiated by us. This will leave you free to relax and wait for us to secure justice for you in the way of industrial disease compensation.

You can start an industrial injury claim on a no win no fee basis with Oakwood Solicitors in Leeds if you have been working in an environment where there was insubstantial safety equipment in place to protect you from the sound emissions in the workplace and this has caused you to suffer an impairment in your hearing. There is a dedicated and experienced industrial injury solicitor here who can help you claim the occupational deafness compensation you are entitled to which is appropriate for the degree of hearing loss you are suffering from if you have an eligible case for starting a claim.

Mr Y had an eligible case for starting a claim; he started his case within three years of his deafness diagnosis and he was able to link his deafness directly to the levels of noise he was exposed t in his workplace. Mr Y made a successful claim for compensation thanks to the solicitors from Oakwood who we able to secure Mr Y a total of £6320.20 in compensation.

To start an industrial injury claim today you need to speak to a solicitor from Oakwood in Leeds as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss the relevant deadline for starting an industrial injuries case. Call us now on: 0844 499 9302.

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