Could you benefit from industrial injury claims advice following an accident at work if the accident has caused you to suffer from your injuries?

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Following an accident at work you need to determine if it could have been avoided by stricter health and safety policies. If your employer has neglected the safety of their employees by failing to put health and safety measures in place then there is a chance you could be eligible to make a no win no fee compensation claim for the injuries you sustained in an accident at work. If your employer has been careless in their actions has failed to provide you with the necessary safety equipment or has not kept the workplace safe to an acceptable standard then they are most likely responsible for the injuries you have sustained.

Every employee must be able to go to work in a safe environment and carry out their tasks without having to risk injury. Somany accidents at work which result in an injury to the victim could have been avoided if better health and safety measures are put in place. Nothing should every be left lying around the workplace that members of staff could fall over; there should ideally be a representative in charge of ensuring that the workplace is safe and that all staff are trained on how to spot hazards and eliminate them. Unfortunately there was no one responsible for health and safety and Mrs G’s place of work.

You need to seek Industrial injury claims advice as soon as possible after your accident from a specialist accident at work lawyer from the personal injury team at Oakwood to find out if you are eligible to compensation for your injury and for any losses you have incurred whilst recovering from your injury.

Oakwood Solicitors will not just aim to get you recompense for the injuries you have sustained in an industrial accident. We will ensure that every loss both physical and financial is accounted for when we are negotiating your settlement amount. We do not solely concentrate on the injuries you have sustained because we are well aware of the implications that sustaining a personal injury following an accident at work has on the daily life of the sufferer. Any suffering you have had to endure money wise or with carrying out activities you would normally enjoy will be factored into your award.

Mrs G suffered for a long period of time following her accident at work and she had to hire someone to help her with the children; as a single mother Mrs G could not have managed without the help. Mrs G was also unable to go to work so she lost out on her wages too. Luckily we were able to secure Mrs G a total of £5340.00 in compensation for her suffering.

For Industrial injury claims advice from the dedicated experts on the personal injury team at Oakwood Solicitors either about your eligibility to make a claim or to start a no win no fee claim today you need to call: 0844 499 9302 or email

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