Mr Baetes could not resolve a dispute with his employer so had to seek help with his industrial tribunal claim from Oakwood Solicitors about his claim for the dangerous conditions he had to work in.

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As an animal lover Mr Baetes job as head zookeeper was ideal for him. He looked forward to getting up and going to work every day. He had been working there for 3 years having previously worked in a tropical pet shop.

There were a couple of things that niggled at Mr Baetes when he first started such as the lack of safety equipment readily available to staff looking after dangerous animals and the conditions that some of the animals were made to live in due to sheer lack of staff and food/bedding supplies. But then the problems soon escalated.

?I loved looking after the animals as best as I could and my team was a great bunch but with the lack of equipment available to us it was a struggle and a few of us started to suffer from stress mostly due to some of the animals being starved of the basic staples because the zoo was losing money. The zoo would not to anything but I had to seek industrial tribunal claim advice for me and my colleagues about making a claim.? Mr Baetes was right to seek industrial tribunal claim advice about his claim for compensation. But for him it wasn?t just about the compensation it was about the animal’s conditions too and he is overjoyed at the result.

If you have been in a similar situation and would like industrial tribunal claim advice from a qualified Oakwood solicitor about your claim call 0844 499 9302.

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