Miss Beeston was quoted as being ‘stunned and over the moon? with the result of her industrial tribunal claim in London after seeking guidance from Oakwood Solicitors.

 In Stress At Work - Case Study

Miss Beeston had worked in a travel agent on the high street for nearly four years. She loved working with the general public meeting new people and helping them find their dream holiday. When a new manager was appointed to her branch he took quite a shine to Miss Beeston and they started dating.

After a while Miss Beeston broke off the relationship as he was too controlling and used to accuse her of flirting with customers. She said to him that there were no hard feelings as they had to get on and work together. But Miss Beeston’s ex-partner was not willing to make things easy for her.

?I wish I hadn?t waited so long to seek industrial tribunal claim advice about making a claim in London. He used to put me down in front of other staff members and customers. He made degrading comments all the time and was constantly trying to molest me when we were on our own. I spoke to HR and requested a transfer after telling them the problem. They would not listen and I was forced to take legal action.? Miss Beeston thanked Oakwood’s expert industrial tribunal lawyers for all their help and support.

If you have experienced a similar situation and need industrial tribunal claim advice about applying for a tribunal in London call Oakwood Solicitors on 0844 499 9302.

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