Oakwood’s team of industrial tribunal solicitors helped Mr Coleman claim compensation following his UK tribunal.

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Mr Coleman was employed as a caretaker at an independent school. He had previously served 15 years in the army but had been discharged on medical grounds. After he had recovered from his time in the army Mr Coleman decided to return to work and had happily been employed at the school for 5 years. He lived in the caretaker’s cottage in the school grounds.

He was more than capable of carrying out all the tasks required of him and the school had never been maintained so well. Even all the pupils like and respected him and they loved to hear his stories about when he had been in the army. Mr Coleman then started to suffer from depression and struggled to even get out of bed let alone go to work.

?I had never felt so low. I was signed off work sick for three months and was being reviewed at the end of it. The board of directors in the school told me that they would need my cottage for my replacement as it was a perk of the job and that as I wasn?t doing the job I wasn?t entitled to the perk. The cottage was part of my contract. I decided to seek advice from one of Oakwood’s industrial tribunal solicitors about my position and how to apply for a tribunal in the UK.?

It was discovered that Mr Coleman was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from his time in the army. The panel that heard Mr Coleman’s tribunal case against the school were disgusted at the way he had been treated.

If you have suffered under similar circumstances then call one of Oakwood’s industrial tribunal solicitors for advice about UK tribunals on 0844 499 9302.

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