Injury at work claims can be pursued on a no win no fee help to basis to enable you to secure the industrial injury compensation you are entitled to with the help of an expert industrial injury claim specialist from Oakwood in Leeds.

 In Work Related Illness

If you think you are suffering from a hearing impairment because your employer has exposed you to a negligent level of noise in the employment environment you will need ahardworking and experienced executive from Oakwood Solicitors to offer you advice about the validity of your case. You can access the advice of an industrial injury specialist in a free consultation which can be held over the phone and we can let you know in a matter of moments if we think it is worth continuing to an investigation of your employers negligence in order to make a claim for noise induced hearing loss (deafness) compensation on your behalf.

A negligent level of exposure is classed as employees being exposed to any level of noise over 80dB. If the noise emissions are over 80dB it is an employee’s right to request hearing protection to wear in the workplace and an employer must provide them with something suitable. If the noise levels are over 85dB (the upper exposure limit) employers are obliged to provide hearing equipment to their employees and enforce the use of them. Mr N’s employer did not do this however which is what caused his hearing loss. We secured Mr N a total of £11200.43.

Injury at work claims can be made by occupational deafness sufferers who are looking for industrial injury compensation; it is vital that you seek representation from a professional and highly experienced solicitor from Oakwood in Leeds if you do think you will qualify for an industrial deafness award to ensure you gain the best outcome for your case.

Looking at pursuing industrial injury compensation is particularly important if you think your hearing has been negatively affected by working in an excessively noisy workplace and you believe your employers? negligence in providing you with the appropriate personal protective equipment is the cause of your loss of hearing.

One of Oakwood’s professional litigation experts can offer you advice about any area of compensation law and employer liability law in relation to industrial illnesses and hearing impairmentsdue to the vast level of expertise our professional solicitors have in this area. No matter what your industrial injury or disease needs are we can assure you that there is a legal executive here who has the knowledge and qualifications to help you make a no win no fee claim and gain a successful result.

For advice about injury at work claims for pursuing industrial injury compensation for the loss of hearing that your negligent employer has caused and if you would like a qualified and experienced legal representative to be there for you throughout the process of making a claim for industrial injury and hearing loss compensation you need to call Oakwood Solicitors in Leeds as soon as possible on: 0844 499 9302.

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