You can make a personal injury claim with the help of the dedicated experts at Oakwood solicitors if you have been involved in a collision on a UK road in the last three years. In order to qualify for a compensation award you must have been injured due to the fault of another road user.

 In Road Traffic Accident - Case Study

Mr C met the qualifying conditions for making a personal injury claim and after receiving our expert advice decided to pursue a claim against the person responsible for his injuries. Mr C was getting out of his car when his vehicle was hit by a third party driver. Mr C was lucky that his injuries were not a lot more severe as he was not protected by the safety of his car when he was getting out of it. That is not to say that Mr C did not sustain very painful injuries as a result of the accident.

Mr C was awarded £2222.60 in personal injury compensation because the accident was not his fault. Mr C had been parked in a safe place when he was getting out of his car and was not causing an obstruction nor was he parked illegally; these factors can influence the outcome of your case. We worked hard on behalf of Mr C with the intention of both settling his claim quickly and securing the maximum award available for his injuries.

You should speak to the injury claim solicitors on the personal injury team at Oakwood if you need advice about your eligibility to make a claim. We can offer you advice over the phone if you are thinking about starting a personal injury case.

Cars are now designed to be as safe as possible on the roads; cars have even been developed recently and are available on the market that come with a built in pedestrian airbag. Car technology develops every day and vehicles are being produced to higher and higher safety standards.

The human body however is not changing and adapting at the same rate as vehicle technology is still susceptible to sustaining an injury even in a low impact collision. The safety standards of a car does not change the fact that a person’s neck is only designed to flex to a certain degree; any flexion of the soft tissues in the neck past their normal capacity will result in a whiplash injury being sustained. The degree of injury that you have sustained will depend on a number of factors including the strength of your neck and the severity of the impact upon it.

To start your ?no win no fee? injury claim call Oakwood solicitors on: 0844 844 8180.

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