Is it Stress or Pressure?

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A majority of employees work in environments where the workload is large, the timescales are short and the expectation in terms of quality is high. It can be easy to feel as though it’s all too much at times.

But are you simply feeling the pressure of your job or are you experiencing stress? Stress and pressure, while they may seem to be identical concepts, are in fact quite different, especially when it comes to pursuing a legal claim against your employer.


Pressure is what a person feels when they believe that something within your job is at risk, and that is dependent on your performance as an employee.

An example of this would be a surgeon, if you do not perform well in your job, it could be a matter of life or death for your patient.


Stress is when too much is demanded of you in your job and you do not have the resources to meet those demands. This could be that you do not have enough time or energy to be able to complete everything, or there may be a situation outside of work you and you do not feel as though you are able to deal with everything.

So the question to ask yourself is “is this job more than I can cope with, or is it important I achieve a certain result in my job?”

Although the two concepts are different, they are interlinked. To feel as though you are always under pressure to perform to a certain standard could lead to feelings of being overwhelmed and ‘burnt out’.

It is important that if this is happening that you notify your employer of the situation and its likely repercussions should it continue. This can be done either by a written complaint or a more formal grievance.  Your employer should know you are feeling vulnerable, and their actions from that point could potentially give rise to a stress at work claim.

In such situations where an employer has failed in their duty of care, those suffering with work related stress may be able to claim compensation for the impact matters have had on their health, the cost of any necessary treatment on a private paying basis and lost earnings from their employer.

The legal position for those who have suffered or who are suffering with stress at work is complex.

Oakwood Solicitors are specialists in claims for work related stress.

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