Knife crime in the UK

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The recent knife attack in Great Horton, Bradford reminds us that these sorts of attacks are more common. This is despite there being a decline in incidents involving knives and other sharp implements being reported to the police in recent years.

The Office for National Statistics states that in the 12 months prior to September 2015, there was an increase in people reporting knife crime. The increase was from 25,291 to 27,487 which is around 9%.

Perhaps a reason for the rise in some knife crimes is that there was also a rise in the number or reports of people carrying knives or sharp weapons. This rose by 15%, of course these statistics have limited use as they do not account for the incidents that were not reported to the police.

If you are confronted with someone wielding a knife the advice is to remove yourself from the situation as quickly and safely as possible and call the police. If you are the victim of a knife attack then there are support groups available.

For more information on the statistics please see Victim Support website at and for other useful information, facts and support visit

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