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The Autism Show

I attended the Autism Show in Manchester at the weekend with my 13 year old (who has autism and ADHD) and his Nanny.   I wanted to share our experience as a follow up to the Autism Week articles and Instagram takeover from a few weeks ago. Not having attended an event like this before,…

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Destressing after a long day at work

Had a long day at work and you don’t know how to destress from it? Managing workplace stress can be difficult sometimes on many different levels.   People may find it hard to wind down from a difficult day at work. Problems at work could range from squeezing in assignments with short notice, to overstaying…

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Famous Male Celebrities Who Have Struggled With Mental Health Issues

To round off Men’s Health Week, we hoped it may be helpful to share with you an insight into some famous male personalities who have had to fight to maintain their mental wellbeing.   Stephen Fry Stephen Fry has been a mainstay of British entertainment for longer than some can recall, with many hugely successful…

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How I Deal With Stress – Mia Cecchini

In our latest Mental Health Awareness Month article, Mia Cecchini from our Employment team shares her own strategy for coping with stress.   When I feel stressed because I have a lot of tasks to complete whether that be at work or at home or often times both, the concept of ‘Eat that Frog’ (a…

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Laura’s Mental Health Journey – Mental Health Awareness Month

For the third week of Mental Health Awareness Month, Laura Staggs of our Marketing team opens up about her own struggles with mental health.   This whole account is written entirely in Laura’s own words.   “I have spent over ½ of my life suffering from mental illness. “I want to say it started in…

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Living with Anxiety

After a trauma I experienced in 2016, I was unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety.   I had only ever experienced what I would call normal everyday anxiety prior to 2016, for example being nervous for a job interview or nervous about a test or exam.   Anxiety is something that you…

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Self Care – A Guide to Mental Health

Self-care is a constant repetition of many habits which together soothe you and make sure you are at your optimum emotionally, physically and mentally. Mental Health.

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5 Ways To Safeguard Mental Health Online

Once again, we witness a media storm around a public figure who unfortunately decided that life was no longer bearable for them.   Not only is this a tragedy for a life lost, but it is a bewildering time for friends and family who are left to suffer the untimely loss. Like physical wellbeing, mental…

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Zoe Parsons: Inspiring Change – Part Two

  <- Click here to read the first part of this interview In this, the second of our two articles, we speak to Zoe Parsons about one of the major myths surrounding domestic violence, how to help to support a friend experiencing abuse, and how to begin seeking help for victims of domestic abuse.  …

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Zoe Parsons: Inspiring Change – Part One

  Recently, we conducted an interview with Zoe Parsons – an incredibly inspiring woman whose determination has helped her overcome the most adverse situation. She has dedicated her life to helping others in similar situations, and we feel incredibly privileged that she has taken the time to share her story with us. In the first…

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