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Late Payment Commercial Debts; Are you chasing late payment of commercial debts from business clients in Leeds? The dedicated business to business debt recovery department at Oakwood Solicitors could provide fast and cost-effective solutions to your problems of late payment of invoices from business clients in Leeds so make a no obligation call to discuss the debt recovery options that are available to you over a free initial consultation with our experts.

The experts at Oakwood Solicitors could help you pursue outstanding debts from commercial clients but it is strongly recommended that before embarking on a course of legal action that their investigations are carried out into the businesses assets and ability to pay to avoid spending time and money on the pursuit of a debt that will not be fruitful. Our team can offer guidance with regards to these investigations or carry them out on your behalf.

The extremely proficient debt recovery specialists at Oakwood Solicitors were recently consulted by clients with respect of the collection of a debt of £1487.72 from Mr A in Batley.

Are you experiencing a similar issue with non-paying or late paying commercial customers? Then you should consult the debt recovery team that you can rely upon to get the job done as quickly as possible with an extremely cost-effective solution to your debt collection issues.

Do you require expert legal assistance from debt recovery specialists to help you in your pursuit of late payment for commercial debts that are owed to your company in Leeds? The highly skilled debt recovery specialists at Oakwood Solicitors could use their expertise and vast knowledge to provide simple but effective debt recovery solutions for your company if you are experiencing problems of late payment of invoices from commercial clients.

The Belfast Telegraph published an article on the 31 July 2013 written by Donal O’Donovan reporting that “A major London property asset formerly owned by the late developer Patrick Rocca has been sold to £64.5 million less than the amount of debt owed on the building”.

The article goes on to say “High-profile developer Rocca took his own life in 2009 and use of the death made headlines around the world. Former US Pres Bill Clinton knew Mr Rocca and pay tribute to him in a 2011 speech. The Lloyds Chambers office building close to the Tower of London has been bought by a consortium backed by China’s Fuson Property and former US Treasury Secretary John Snow.”

It further explains “Patrick Rocca bought the Lloyds Chambers building in 2007 backed by £122 million of debt raised mainly from global bank Credit Suisse”.

The highly trained and experienced team of debt collection specialists at Oakwood Solicitors could help you recover late payment of commercial debts as quickly and cost effectively as possible to ensure that the cash flow of your business is not severely affected by non-paying commercial clients in Leeds; so contact our helpful advisers today to discuss your debt recovery requirements over a free initial consultation call on: (0844) 847 2323.


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