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Lawyer For Business – ML Expert Solicitors; Are you in search of a specialist employment and commercial lawyer for advice and assistance that your business in Manchester? Then you should consult with the highly qualified and experienced legal professionals at Oakwood Solicitors over a no obligation call to discover how our dedicated team could offer guidance and assistance with regards to swiftly and cost effectively managing employment disputes drafting company policy documentation and contracts employment negotiating and drafting settlement agreements and providing robust legal representation at employment tribunal hearings.

The Burton Mail published an article on Thursday 4 July 2013 written by Mark McKay reporting on the "’Disgraceful’ rise of zero-hour contracts".

The article says that "Union and community leaders have hit out at the ‘disgraceful’ rise of zero-hour contracts".

It further explains that "Zero-hour contracts have proved to be controversial as employees have no guarantee of their working hours from day to the next. A review into the practice ordered by business secretary Vince Cable last month has revealed that workers on these contracts and on average and œ236 a week. This is less than half the œ482 a week which workers on traditional contracts take home according to the Resolution Foundation the think-tank which carried out the review."

Do you require advice and assistance with regards to the drafting or terminating of contracts of employment for your business in Manchester? Then you should make a no obligation call the employment and commercial law specialists at Oakwood Solicitors as our experts could offer advice and guidance that is tailored to suit your business requirements and handle all of the paperwork on your behalf as well as use our superb negotiating skills to swiftly and cost effectively resolve any employment disputes that should arise within your company.

The above-mentioned article also says that "Findings also revealed employees worked on average just 21 hours at œ9 per hour compared to 31 hours with a wage and œ15 per hour for those who had traditional contracts. Perhaps even more startling than the massive discrepancy between incomes is the rate at which zero-hour contracts are rising in Britain. Their use has grown from about 130000 workers on these contracts in 2006 to about 210000 workers last year."

If further adds that"The contracts have proved popular with some workers as they allow for more flexible working patterns. But others say they are struggling to make ends meet because they have not worked stable hours".

Oakwood Solicitors could provide you with a specialist lawyer for your business requirements at your organisation in Manchester and offer services varying from advice and assistance in drafting company policies and procedures negotiating and drafting settlement agreements guidance and assistance in drawing up business or employment contracts helping efficiently and cost effectively manage employment disputes and providing outstanding legal representation for court and employment tribunal hearings; so call our helpful advisers today to discuss our services in greater depth on: 0113 200 9720.


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