An Open Letter about Leah Totten Winning the Apprentice – A Disaster Waiting to Happen

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An Open Letter about Leah Totten Winning the Apprentice – A Disaster Waiting to Happen

An Open Letter Regarding The Winner of the Apprentice – A Disaster Waiting to Happen
I am sure by now we all know that Dr Leah Totten was the winner of the BBC’s Apprentice. She has a rather ambitious plan of establishing Cosmetic Clinics across the country that will specialise only in the area of Face Rejuvenation. Whilst I have no doubt in that the fact that she has a well thought out and thorough business plan questions have been raised as to if she is the correct person to start a business like this.
Leah’s clinics will get business of that there is no doubt. The mere fact that she has been on television and is backed by a person like Lord Alan Sugar will get people through the door. It will be interesting to see if Leah sticks to her very ethical and moral stance of turning people away if she feels that the procedures and unnecessary or being undertaken for the wrong reasons. I agree with her ethical stance and believe it is a very good thing to have in this industry. If more people prescribed to the same thinking as her then we would have a more responsible sector and that would be a positive for the consumer. It was encouraging to see that both Leah and Lord Sugar seemed to be welcoming and open to the reforms and regulations that were presented in the recent Keogh report on Cosmetic Surgeries.
The main concern I have about her plan is her lack of experience. I am not alone in this belief Nigel Mercer a former chairman of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons believes that she is not prepared; he believes that her basic knowledge and short course on Aesthetic Medicine on Harley Street is not enough and will be patients at risk of serious harm. He believes that it goes against the hard work already done by both BAAPS and the NHS. Leah is 24 years old and whilst she is a fully qualified doctor she has only been in practice for one year which was in and A and E Department. I must say in my opinion I completely agree with him. Perhaps the scariest and most worrying aspect of her plan is that she will then be training manager of new clinics. This surely seems to be a case of the blind leading the blind.
I am sincerely worried that her empire may result in numerous under qualified clinicians becoming managers and performing dangerous procedures on the general public. I do appreciate her ethical musings and her proposal to continue these into practice no one knows if these will continue we can only hope these will. I would feel much happier if Leah had more experience than a year in an Accident and Emergency and a short course on Aesthetic Medicine on Harley Street. I sincerely hope I am wrong but in my opinion I feel like this could be a disaster waiting to happen for Lord Sugar.
James Ashton
Head of Product Liability
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