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Legal Advice Employment – ML Solicitors Legal Advice; Are you an employer in search of expert advice for employment tribunal rules and procedures along with legal representation as a claim has been issued against your organisation in York by an employee or former employee? The highly qualified and experienced legal team at Oakwood Solicitors have vast knowledge and experience regarding the employment tribunal process including a complaint understanding of all new legislation that has been implemented in 2013 and could provide the advice and outstanding legal representation at your organisation needs to achieve the best possible outcome available to you.

Management in Practice published an article on 31 July 2013 reporting that "Employment tribunal charges introduced".

The article tells is that "New laws mean that employees hoping to go to an employment tribunal could have to pay up to œ1200 in fees".

It explains "The fee structure means that straightforward matters such as unpaid wages can be taken to a tribunal for œ160 with a œ230 hearing fee. Higher-level claims which include sexual discrimination or whistleblowing will have a œ250 charge within œ950 hearing fee. There will be higher fees for cases with multiple claimants and schemes for people on low incomes."

It goes on to say "Although unions have called the changes "a great day for bad bosses" the government says the change is fair".

Are you seeking expert legal advice regarding the employment rights of employees at your company in York? Then you should make a no obligation call to the experts at Oakwood Solicitors to discover how our team of intelligent and resourceful legal personnel could work with your organisation to ensure that you are operating fairly and in full compliance with all current legislation whilst also protecting your business interests and helping you to achieve your commercial objectives.

It is reported in the above-mentioned article that Justice Minister Helen Grant said: "It is not fair on the taxpayer to foot the entire œ74m bill for people to escalate workplace disputes to a tribunal. We want people where they can afford to do so to pay a contribution."

She is also reported to have added "It is in everyone’s interest to avoid drawn-out dispute which emotionally damage workers and financially damage businesses. That’s why we are encouraging quicker simpler and cheaper alternatives like mediation."

The article also tells is that "The Employment Tribunals are independent judicial bodies who determine disputes between employers and employees over employment rights".

If you require legal advice that is tailored to suit your business needs you should consult with the employment and commercial law specialists at Oakwood Solicitors to discover how our experts could provide you with a wide range of legal services to help protect the best interests of your organisation in York whilst also ensuring that you are operating in full compliance with all current legislation; so call our helpful advisers today on: 0113 200 9720.


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