Legal threat is key to facilitating flight delay payouts

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It’s a sad state of affairs, and it hasn’t come as a surprise to us, but as pointed out by the Sunday Times this weekend, more often than not, airlines need the threat of legal action in order to pay the flight delay payouts that travellers deserve.

Airlines must now pay for delays of three hours or more unless there are extraordinary circumstances (which does not include technical failures anymore).

An investigation by the Sunday Times found out that MORE THAN HALF of legitimate flight compensation claims made by air travellers were only paid out to them after the airline was threatened by legal action.

We see this all the time, where individuals have already applied to the airlines for compensation only to be turned down or just simply ignored. Many rejected claims come under the heading of “extraordinary circumstances”, but the airlines know full well that there are very few issues beyond their control that gives them a right to withhold payment.

The problem is that it takes a law firm to see through these legal smoke screens.

Under EU rules, airlines must pay up to €400 (currently £291) to each delayed passenger (including children) if their flight arrives at least three hours later than scheduled. Delays of four hours or more could mean compensation of up to whopping €600 each.

The best way for individuals to get their compensation is to claim through a law firm like Oakwood Solicitors, we simply take the flight details from claimants, and do all the chasing and legal work on their behalf, and rather than waiting up to six years (as the Sunday Times found that some passengers has waited for their compensation) our clients could get their money in just a few weeks.

If you haven’t claimed yet, or you have claimed previously and had it rejected by the airline then just complete the form opposite and we will get the legal process underway and get you the compensation you deserve for your delayed or cancelled flight.

Remember that you can claim for flights that were delayed or cancelled up to six years ago!

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