Long Delays for the British in Search of Winter Sun

 In Delayed or Cancelled Flights

During the depressingly cold and dismal winter months in the UK, many will decide to jet off in search of some winter sun.

Unfortunately a lot of these people have then became stuck in a crowded and expensive airport waiting for a delayed flight whilst wasting limited holiday allowance from work.

New research has found that passengers travelling between both the UK and Orlando in Florida and the UK and the Spanish island of Mallorca have been affected the most by flight delays.

Travelling between the UK and Orlando?

Statistics as discussed in the Daily Mail on 11 December 2014, show that at least one out of every two flights on Virgin Atlantic’s Gatwick to Orlando route have been delayed. Some of these flights were delayed by over 5 hours.

Travelling between Palma de Mallorca and the UK?

It has also been reported that less than 50% of the Thomson flights from Palma de Mallorca to London Gatwick or London Luton have arrived back on time.

Surely being stuck in an airport whilst trying to return to the dismal UK weather would be enough to give anyone the holiday blues?

If the above applies to you then here is some good news to lighten your blues.

If you have been delayed for 3 hours or more whilst either travelling to your winter holiday, or returning to the UK, then you may be entitled to compensation.

If you were travelling to or from Palma de Mallorca you could be entitled to 250 euros per passenger.

If travelling to or from Orlando you could be entitled to up to 600 euros per passenger.

If this applies to you then Oakwood Solicitors would be happy to advise you on your potential claim on a No Win No Fee basis.

Due to changes in legislation claiming compensation for delayed flights has never been easier, with billions of pounds waiting to be claimed.

Why be depressed about the end of your break in the winter sun, when you can claim your compensation to afford a summer holiday as well!

Claim Compensation for a Delayed Flight

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