If you have been in a lorry crash you may have sustained some serious injuries. If you believe that you are entitled to compensation for your injuries you need Oakwood Solicitors to assist you in making a claim.

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A huge compensation pay-out has just been received by Mr D after an accident left him with serious injuries. Mr S was involved in a head on collision with a large vehicle because of the actions of the driver of that vehicle. It is still unknown why the driver of the third party vehicle was on the wrong side of the road but the fact of the matter still remains that they were. The vehicle was heading towards Mr D’s car and there was nothing he could do to avoid the collision. Luckily Oakwood Solicitors were there to get him the compensation he deserved.

You should seek legal advice immediately about making a personal injury claim if you have been injured in a lorry crash.

Compensation awards can be much higher for victims of road traffic accidents involving HGV’s. Because your injuries play a major part in the amount of compensation you are awarded and the fact that HGV accidents generally result in much more serious injuries it makes sense that compensation amounts for HGV accident victims are higher. General damages is the main element of the award and is based on the type and extent of the injuries you sustained either as an HGV driver in an accident or the driver of a car hit by an HGV. Your award amount is calculated on the pain and suffering you had to endure as a result of the injuries caused by a third party. The more severe and persistent your injuries the higher your award amount will be. As part of your general damages award is the compensation you can receive for any loss of amenity you had to endure for example not being able to pick up your young dependants in order to care for them effectively.

Special expenses is the second element of your compensation award not everyone needs to claim for special expenses. If you have been injured by an HGV the injuries you have sustained may take a long time to heal and this may render you unable to work for a period of time or possible unable to go back to work at all. If this is the case we will make sure an additional award for any losses you have incurred financially because of your HGV accident is paid to you.

To start your claim for personal injury compensation after a non-fault lorry crash call Oakwood Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180.

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