The Lines Of Human Rights Remain Blurry For International Women

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The Lines Of Human Rights Remain Blurry For International Women

Many people believe that in contemporary society we have managed to establish a basis for human rights that is regulated by the law. However the International Labor Organisation has found that many international women still face discrimination when it comes to maternity protection.

A new report by the ILO has found that in fact 830 million women suffer from inadequate maternity protection despite laws and regulations in place and as a result many are forced to opt out of their jobs. Not only is this a waste of their own talents but also to productivity.

Pregnant women or women with newborns are more than able to take an active role in work even if they are looking for part-time work only. They should not be discluded or have to suffer just because they have or are going to have a baby. It is merely a gender injustice.

The report has also indicated that some women are not only forced to endure a lack of maternity protection but are entirely excluded from protection in law and practice. They face serious challenges against their rights when the law “conflicts with social norms is poorly implemented or larger social and economic dynamics restrict women from using the law to claim their rights.” These findings were based upon “self-employed women migrant domestic agricultural casual and temporary workers as well as indigenous and tribal workers.”

Although much progression has been made for women in recent years when it comes to pregnancy with the majority of countries forbidding discrimination against pregnancy and leave it is still extremely prominent in international countries particularly Africa and Asia.

The ILO has recommended a movement away from employer liability and instead a contribution for maternity and paternity benefits through social insurance or public funds and social care services. It says taking this monetary weight off employers would promote non-discrimination at work. They are also working towards creating better provisions for working fathers.

Melissa from MLS says:”It is great that the focus for maternity leave is also on males. This way it will help to promote gender equality and not just make maternity exclusive to women.”

No one should be subjected to discrimination in the work place. If you have been victimised by your employer contact us now for advice on a claim.

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