The NHS Are Not Meeting A&E Targets

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The NHS Are Not Meeting A&E Targets

The Accident and Emergency departments around the country are not meeting their targets of dealing with 95% of patients within a set limit of four hours.

Government statistics show that these targets have not been met for the past two months due to increasing pressure on hospitals.

It has been reported that ambulances in Norfolk have waiting times of more than two hours to take patients into The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

The strain on A&E departments and patient waiting times prompted the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital to erect a major incident tent up outside the building.

The tent was set up at the beginning of April after 15 Ambulances had to queue and wait over three hours each to get the patients in the hospital.

Other figures released by the Department of Health contradict this stating that 96% of patients were seen and dealt with at all three of the A&E centres within the four hour waiting period since April 2012. The DoH said that 1 million more patients are being seen by the A&E Centres than two years ago and they are managing well.

Labour introduced targets in 2002 requiring 98% of the patients to be seen within four hours to end lengthy casualty waiting times. The coalition changed this to 95% in 2010 believing that the targets are not clinically justified.

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