Successful settlement happy client

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Successful settlement happy client

The medical negligence team at Oakwood Solicitors has recently settled a case for Mr Michael Taylor.

Mr Taylor attended the A&E department at his local hospital complaining of shortness of breath chest pain and that he had been coughing blood for the past 3 days.

He explained to the hospital staff that he had a family history of blood clots and he was subsequently sent for an x-ray of his chest.

The chest x-ray was reviewed and Mr Taylor was advised that he was suffering from a chest infection. The hospital staff failed to carry out a formal risk assessment for pulmonary embolism and no further investigations were carried out.

Mr Taylor was discharged from hospital but continued to experience similar symptoms over the course of the next few days. He was eventually rushed to the same hospital where he underwent a CT scan of his chest and was diagnosed as suffering from a potentially life threatening pulmonary embolism.

Mr Taylor received appropriate treatment at that stage and thankfully he has made a good recovery.

Mr Taylor was unhappy that the hospital failed to carry out any further investigations following his first attendance and simply discharged him with an incorrect diagnosis. He believed that proper investigation would have led to the correct diagnosis and would have prevented the experience that he went through.

He pursued a formal complaint against the hospital and then contacted the experienced medical negligence team at Oakwood Solicitors for some advice on making a claim for compensation.

Oakwood Solicitors helped Mr Taylor secure a settlement of £5500 from the hospital for their alleged negligent failure to carry out a formal risk assessment for pulmonary embolism which in turn led to him suffering a horrible and potentially life threatening experience.

Mr Taylor said “Oakwood Solicitors were brilliant and the whole case was finished much quicker than I thought it would be!”

“I was very pleased with the service I received and I felt that I was kept updated throughout the case with information and advice that was easy for me to understand.”

Oakwood Solicitors were delighted to achieve a successful settlement for Mr Taylor who stated that ““I really felt that I could have died due to the hospital’s negligence and I am very happy that Oakwood Solicitors were able to secure such a good settlement for the injuries that I suffered”

If you or a relative are concerned about possible negligent treatment that you have received from either a medical professional we can offer you free expert advice on making a medical negligence claim.

Please call us on 0844 8449866 to discuss your potential case further.

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