Worrying Statistics on UK’s Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Cancer

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Worrying Statistics on UK’s Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Cancer

The UK Lung Cancer Coalition has recently produced a report which states that the care offered to lung cancer patients in the UK is"hindering" their survival and that a lack of access to specialist teams and poor awareness about the disease were among the major problems.

The UKLCC said that wide variations persist in lung cancer treatment and care within the UK whilst international studies have found that survival rates seriously lag behind other comparable EU countries.

It has been estimated that more than 1300 deaths from lung cancer could be avoided each year if UK survival rates were brought into line with the European average and over 3500 lives could be saved if we were to match the best in Europe.

What these statistics show is that unfortunately late recognition and diagnosis of symptoms can lead to a much poorer outcome for the patient.

If you think that you have a medical negligence claim it is important that you seek advice from a solicitor experienced in this area of law.

As an experienced firm of medical negligence solicitors we have expert knowledge in dealing with issues surrounding cases involving a failure to diagnose and/or treat cancer.

If you are concerned about treatment that you have received from your local GP or hospital and if you feel that there has been an unnecessary delay or failure to diagnose your cancer we can offer you free expert advice on making a medical negligence claim.

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