Gove determined to fix “creaking and dysfunctional” court system

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Michael Gove has taken his first speech as Justice Secretary today to speak out about how he sees the justice system is failing society’s poorest people.

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Whilst talking at the Legatum Institute in London earlier today, Gove pledged to fix the “creaking and dysfunctional” court system and described our justice system as one that is divided into “two nations”.

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Mr Gove also said he was eager to review the legal aid system amid severe criticism of cuts to fees made by his predecessors, Ken Clarke and Chris Grayling, Gove pointed out that our “global reputation” for legal services is “deserved”, not that all of it is “world-beating”, with the finest legal provision accessible only to the ones with the money to use big London firm “with the gold standard of British justice.”

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Abbie Keech, Director, Oakwood Solicitors agrees with Gove that the legal system in England and Wales does need some TLC but falls short of agreeing that we have a distinct two tier legal service, “It is true that the people with money are able to cherry pick the very best lawyers and barristers from the big law firms in the capital, but there is an excellent service provided by firms like Oakwood Solicitors who are incredibly successful in helping individuals who find themselves in our justice system through no fault of their own, whether righting the injustice from their own private or professional lives.”

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However it was the Ministry of Justice who have made some big changes over recent years at the detriment of those that can’t afford legal services – firstly in 2013 changing Conditional fee agreements (CFAs) (more commonly known as No Win, No Fee), where lawyers will now charge the claimant out of damages recovered; and more recently in their move to cut legal aid fees for criminal solicitors by 8.75 per cent which is again likely to badly affect poorer people rather than the ’wealthy’ class that Gove is speaking about.[dt_gap height=”10″ /]

Abbie continued “Because of the legal aid cuts many individuals are now being forced to represent themselves in court because they cannot afford a lawyer to do the work for them”.[dt_gap height=”10″ /]

 “At Oakwoods we agree with Michael Gove that technology needs to play its part in helping to make the legal system more accessible and help in making the process more transparent and to ensure that it works for everyone – this will mean a huge investment by all; but in addition to this there is a real requirement now for law firms to offer free advice to Goves poorer nation; at Michael Solicitors for example we take the time to talk to potential claimants, to really understand the situation they are in, we talk them through their options and are happy to provide free legal advice.”

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