Oakwood Solicitors strive to be the most client orientated law firm in England & Wales. Our aim is to be nationally recognised not for the size of our firm or the amount we charge but for our absolute commitment to providing a perfect client service.

We will achieve this by our commitment to three simple principles – Trust, Dedication and Transparency.

  • Trust – as a client, whether you are an individual, SME or multi-national corporation, you must trust your legal advisors to provide you with knowledgeable legal advice presented in plain English without needless legal jargon. You must trust that we can achieve the results we promise within the time scales that we promise. This is our commitment to you.
  • Dedication – as a law firm we are dedicated to achieving the best possible results for our clients irrespective of the type of legal matter and ensuring that we achieve those results in the swiftest possible time scale. We will not delay your matter in order to maximise fees. We know that your aim is to resolve any legal matter in a timely manner and this is what we will achieve.
  • Transparency – We will be open and honest with you regarding funding and legal options. We will offer you a funding arrangement that suits your particular needs whether that is a no win no fee agreement, a fixed fee, a fixed annual retainer or an hourly rate. You can be assured that the funding arrangement we propose is in your best interests and not offered purely to suit the commercial needs of a law firm. We will be transparent about our fees and will charge a fair and proportionate fee for the work undertaken. There will be no hidden fees or charges and you can trust our absolute transparency about legal fees and the progress of your matter.


Our commitment to our clients is that they will always be up to date with the progress of their matter. They will not be kept in the dark and they will not have difficulty contacting the firm to settle any queries a client has. Our promise is that:

  • Calls and voicemails will be returned within 4 business hours;
  • Email communications with our clients will be responded to within 48 hours;
  • Clients will be advised when a file handler is on annual leave and will be given the name of an individual to contact in the file handlers absence;
  • Clients will be regularly updated on the progress of the matter and Clients will be contacted not less than once a month with an update.

We are a business built on recommendation, innovation and reputation. Irrespective of whether you are an individual, SME, or corporate entity we will ensure that we resolve your legal issues, whatever they may be, in a manner which demonstrates our commitment to our clients with whom we want to develop long-term relationships.



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