Oakwood Solicitors preparing mass litigation case against Volkswagen

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From the very moment that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) broke the news that Volkswagen rigged their emission tests in the US – Leeds based Oakwood Solicitors have been inundated with enquiries about potential claims against the carmaker; and since VW admitted that the same software is in 1.2m of its vehicles in the UK, we have had a huge amount of claims into the firm.

The number of claimants is so significant that it’s highly likely we will need to launch mass litigation against car manufacturer Volkswagen.

The manufacturer, based in Wolfsburg, Germany, has admitted that up to 11 million of its diesel vehicles were designed to produce fewer emissions in a testing environment, meaning they were actually more polluting than advertised in everyday use by their owners.

This was achieved by the VW engineers installing a “defeat device” or (cheat software) which automatically put the cars into a low-emissions mode when they detected that they were being tested; they engineered the vehicles this way to break into the potentially lucrative green-diesel market.

In the wake of the scandal, Volkswagen has set aside €6.5 billion (around £4.8 billion) to cover their costs, including fines by governments, the cost of recall and litigation expenses.

Richard Coulthard, a Director at Oakwood Solicitors said: “Since news of this scandal first emerged we have taken a huge number of calls from concerned VW, Audi, Skoda and SEAT owners who have been appalled by the behaviour and lack of communications from Volkswagen.”

“We are in the process of contacting both Volkswagen and Patrick McLoughlin, UK Transport Minister and to express our concern that a trusted company like Volkswagen could have done such a thing and threatened our environment.”

“We have set up a specialist team to take calls from owners, process claims and to collect evidence, we are now beginning the process of putting together a Litigation case against VW.”

“Our role here is to simply uphold consumer protection laws and to ensure that our clients are not out of pocket after the purchase and operation of their vehicles. We expect that some of the settlement agreements could be sizeable for our clients that are affected by this.”

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