Mitsubishi ASX Sunroofs are Falling Through

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Mitsubishi ASX Sunroofs are Falling Through

Mitsubishi ASX Sunroofs are Falling Through
Due to a problem with the primer not being applied properly to the roof glass they are at risk of falling through
Two cases have already been reported where the sunroofs have fallen through.
The error was made at the factory when the primer and the glue didn’t bond properly in some areas meaning that the panel could detach and the sunroofs could fall through.
The models in question were manufactured in 2011 up until 27th March 2011.
If you have been affected by something of similar nature then you must take the following steps:
1. Contact your GP and advise him of your condition
2. Keep any Receipts you have as proof of purchase.
3. Contact a member of our team on 0113 200 9720

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