More VW problems – what does it mean for owners?

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In yet another twist in the Volkswagen emissions scandal, we have had fresh allegations from the regulator in the United States – the Environmental Protection agency (EPA).

The EPA state it has uncovered that thousands more cars have been rigged in order to pass their emissions tests than originally anticipated. These vehicles have actually been pumping out lots of toxic emissions, but of significance is that it looks like it could now effect bigger engine cars and now Porsche has been named as a likely ‘cheat’ make. In addition new allegations centre around VW Touareg (2014), Porsche Cayenne (2015) and the Audi A6 Quattro; A7 Quattro, A8, A8L and Q5.

Director and Head of Litigation at Oakwood Solicitors commented “This is the first time that the Porsche brand has been dragged into this scandal, as well as that, these are all vehicles with the larger 3 litre V6 turbo diesel engine, these together make this a significant event in this problem for VW.”

Richard continued “Obviously the new CEO of Volkswagen (Matthias Mueller) moved across from Porsche and was chosen because the brand was untainted by this scandal – his role was to come in and clean up the mess at the company. Surely however if the Porsche brand are also drawn into the saga, question marks must be asked as to his involvement. This new development is likely to further impact on the public’s perception of the Volkswagen. Trust is already at an all time low with many dealers now refusing to take any Volkswagen vehicles on part exchange for fear of the possible inability to sell such vehicles on.”

The company has issued a flat denial about the claims, but the EPA has spotted rogue software in the engine management of these vehicles.

From a legal perspective owners have the capability to register their interest in claiming compensation for the VW emissions scandal and some sources have suggested that a significant pay-out could be due to owners for Breach of Contract and Misrepresentation, additional fuel consumption, and being left out of pocket during the recall.

Oakwood Solicitors are currently dealing with a class action for hundreds of concerned owners, to register your interest, just complete the form opposite and we’ll be in touch.

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