Motorway accidents can be terrifying and the injuries sustained at such high speeds can be severe. If you have had an accident one motorway and it was caused by a third party you could be entitled to a substantial compensation award.

 In Road Traffic Accident - Case Study

Over £2000.00 in injury compensation was awarded to Miss W after an irresponsible driver caused her to be involved in a road traffic collision. The injuries that Miss W sustained were sufficient enough to cause her pain and suffering for quite some time. Luckily Oakwood Solicitors were there to help miss W claim the compensation she was entitled to after a third party driver crashed into the back of her car.

Oakwood Solicitors can offer you expert motorway accidents advice if you have been injured in a collision at speed. We have settled countless motorway accident claims already and have vast experience in this field.

Accidents that occur on motorways more often than not occur at high speeds and the injuries sustained are a lot more serious than those in low speed collisions and there are many more fatal accidents. Although motorways have been designed to be as safe and user friendly as possible and there is a speed limit on the roads this still does not stop human error from causing a high speed collision on a motorway.

When travelling on a motorway:

? Give way to the vehicles already on the motorway when you are joining from a slip road.

? Make sure that when you are joining the motorway traffic you match your speed to the flow of traffic so that you can continue safely in the left hand lane without causing a rear end collision.

? Never cross thesolid white lines that separate the lanes on the motorway or cross onto the hard shoulder.

? You should stay on the slip lane if it continues as the extra lane on a motorway.

? Before you consider overtaking on the motorway as you have just entered make sure you have reached a safe cruising speed before trying any manoeuvres.

? When you can see well ahead of you on the motorway and the visibility is good you need to drive a t a steady cruising speed that is within the limit at which you feel you have a safe control over your vehicle.

? Make sure you stay well back from the vehicles in front and in bad weather conditions when the road is icy or the rain is making it difficult to see you need to leave and additional gap between vehicles.

For motorway accidents advice or to start you personal injury claim call Oakwood Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180.

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