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Noise Induced Hearing Loss is a condition known to affect blue collar workers who have been exposed to noise in the course of employment. Oakwood Solicitors has recovered millions of pounds for men and women who have worked in noisy industry such as coal mining, steel working and car manufacturing to name but a few.

The Musicians’ Union also recently spoken up for musicians employed as instrumentalists in Orchestras with 25% of players having some form of hearing problem.

Recently, Chris Goldscheider – famed for playing the Viola for the Royal Opera house successfully obtained damages for irreversible damage to his hearing.

All noise damage is in fact irreversible; noise induced hearing loss is a dose related injury and will not become worse once exposure to noise ceases, although the symptoms may become more obvious as the sufferer’s natural age relate hearing loss combines with the noise damage. This is why making a claim for the injury is so important to many of our clients.

For Mr Goldscheider the impact on his job and mental health has been significant, with his enjoyment of music which has been his career, devastated. Although hearing loss affects sufferers differently, tinnitus in particular can be life changing. Oakwood Solicitors understands this and will ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your injury.

Get in touch today to find out if you could have a claim.

For more information on workplace related Hearing Loss or Tinnitus, please see our dedicated pages.

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