Nasal and Sinus Cancer caused by Work Exposure

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Nasal and Sinus Cancer caused by Work Exposure

Nasal and Sinus cancer effects the space behind your nose , the cheekbones, forehead and the cavities inside your nose.

It is a very rare type of cancer that mainly effects men aged between 50 – 60.

The most common symptoms can include :

– A blocked nose that does not clear
– Blood when you blow your nose
– Nosebleeds that occur for no reason
– Losing your sense of smell
– Headaches
– Jaw stiffness or pain
– Loose teeth in your upper jaw
– Double vision

These symptoms can be due to a number of reasons, but If you are suffering with any of the above it is important that you seek medical assessment from your GP as soon as possible.

What are the main factors that increase your risk to nasal and sinus cancer

There are a number of factors that increase the risk of Nasal / Sinus Cancer such as:

1) Smoking

– This increases risk of nasal cavity cancer . The risk increases the longer you smoke and if you smoke a lot your risk increases even more.

2) Human Papilloma Virus ( HPV )

– HPV is a very common virus that can cause growths or warts . There are many different strands of HPV and different strands will cause risk factors for different types of cancer.
– Around 1 in 5 diagnosis of Nasal and Sinus cancers is thought to be linked to HPV

3) Your Gender

– You are more at risk to develop these cancers if you are male and in the age range of 50 – 60.

Workplace Exposures that can cause nasal and sinus cancer

A study produced from the Health and Safety Executive in 2012 stated that around a third of all these types of cancers are linked to exposure at work.

The people who work in the following industries / jobs are at risk to developing these types of cancers:

Textile workers – Being exposed to cloth fibres in the textile manufacturing industry
Carpentry work – Exposure to wood dust, typically from people working in furniture and cabinet building industries.
Flour – baking and flour milling
Nickel and Chromium dust – in the steel industries – this is a metal used to make stainless steel
Mineral oils – These type of oil are used as a lubricant by metal workers , machinists, engineers and print industry workers

How should your employer protect you from this Risk ?

Employers are under a duty to ensure their Employees are not put at any foreseeable risk as far as practicable. The Employers should undertake a suitable risk assessment of the system of work. Any risk to Employees health must be identified and the risk should then be minimised to the lowest level possible.

The Risk could be minimised in a number of ways:

– Changing substances or machinery that may be causing the exposure
– Issuing Personal Protective Equipment to prevent / minimise as far as reasonably practicably the risk .
– A process in place to report a defective equipment / system.

Employees must always be given training and information by their employer about the risk and exposure to chemicals

If you have any of the above symptoms and you believe it may be as a result of exposure to chemicals / dusts at work it may be that you are suffering from illness as a direct result of this exposure.
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