Oakwood public liability injury news: we can help if you have sustained a neck injury at work or in a public place; our highly skilled solicitors aim to get you the largest amount of compensation they can achieve.

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Mr B from Warrington was 31 when his accident occurred in a public place. A large sign for a take-away establishment blew down on top of our client. His head and neck were injured in the accident. Our client was very lucky not to have suffered from more serious injuries resulting from this accident.

Mr B felt shaken and anxious after he sustained his injuries. The compensation that you achieve should cover any financial losses for things such as petrol costs to and fro hospital visits with specialists or doctors. If you require occupational therapy after an accident to fully rehabilitate you then these sorts of costs are also able to be included in any compensation settlement that you receive.

I have suffered from a neck injury at work; can I get compensation with the help of solicitors at Oakwood? Oakwood can help if you have sustained injuries in a public place which were not caused by yourself. We are committed to keeping you in the loop with the progress of your claim.

If you can answer YES to the following questions you may be entitled to make a claim:
? Have you been injured at work in a public place or in someone’s home?
? Was the accident the fault of a third party or was someone’s negligence to blame for the accident?
? Have you sustained an injury as a result of your accident that has required medical treatment?

If you have answered yes to the questions above the solicitors at Oakwood will be able to help you pursue compensation. For a more in-depth assessment of the validity of your claim speak to one of our specialist liability lawyers over the phone.

Oakwood arefrequently able to take on claims on a no win no fee basis; we are always very proud that we can be of service when our clients need financial compensation for the injuries they have sustained.

Oakwood can help you or a loved one if you have been the victim of a neck injury in a public place or at work and you would like compensation; call today: 0844 499 9302.

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