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Bad Tenants – How Much Are They Costing You?

As a Landlord, you have likely felt the pain and dealt with the struggles of having a tenant that causes you difficulties that you never could have foreseen. The Insurer LV= has recently undertaken an analysis based on 1.5m Landlords, and the statistics to come from this show that 23% of Landlords have a tenant…

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Civil Litigation – What is it?

ARTICLE BY JASON SOUTAR As a Sports Journalism student, my knowledge of Civil Litigation was very limited, but since starting my employment with Oakwood Solicitors I have been able to grow a better understanding of the subject. With the use of that experience, I will (to the best of my ability) explain just what Civil…

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How Long Does It Take To Evict A Tenant?

This depends on a number of factors. The best rule is to start the process as soon as possible and ensure all stages of the process are correct as delaying or submitting incorrect information could impede any action. First, you have to serve a notice which will give a tenant between two weeks to two…

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