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Vehicle Diminution – What you need to know

What is Vehicle Diminution? Vehicle Diminution is a claim for the loss in value of a vehicle after it has sustained damage and been repaired. Click here to find out more.

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How To Make A Compensation Claim For The Loss In Value Of Your Car

Diminution Compensation Claim If you weren’t already aware, Diminution (depreciation in value of your car) is the loss in value of a motor vehicle after it’s involved in a road traffic accident (which wasn’t your fault). When the person eventually goes on to sell their car, due to the accident they’ve been involved in; the value…

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Diminution VS Depreciation

When it comes to cars quite often there can be confusion about what the difference is between diminution and depreciation. Depreciation is a term most of us are familiar with, however we can sometimes think that diminution means the same thing.

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What is a Diminution Claim?

This loss of value is different to normal vehicle depreciation and would not have occurred had your car not been involved in the collision.

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