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Amazon Warehouse Injuries

Amazon has been in the headlines again as investigations reveal hundreds of injuries at their warehouses. Amazon has been known to be a wonder of automation, efficiency, and speed, with its Amazon Prime deadlines, such as order by 2pm and get next day delivery. The online giant’s strict targets and quotas put immense pressure on…

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300kg Glass Hits Worker

300kg of glass fell onto a work in Australia resulting in severe injuries to his head and shoulder. It is not yet know how the pane of glass came to fall on the sixty-seven-year-old man. The ambulance crew and a specialist medical team attended the scene and were fast-acting to assist the gentleman. What is…

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Eastleigh Train Derailment Investigation

The cause of the Eastleigh Train Derailment was revealed by Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) after the line reopened and repairs had taken place. Six days of emergency repair works were undertaken after a slow-moving train was derailed in Eastleigh on the 28th of January. The RAIB revealed that the train derailed after travelling at…

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Shropshire Council Pothole Consultant WIll Cost £1,000 Per Day

Shropshire Council has decided to use around £130,000 of taxpayers’ cash to pay £1,000 a day for a ‘pothole consultant’. The consultant will provide their advice on how to make crucial improvements based on their experience of running very successful highways operations elsewhere. A pothole is considered unsafe when it has a depth of more…

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Worker Loses Two Fingers Due To Moulding Machine

It has been reported that company William Lee Ltd has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) following investigations into an accident that took place on 28th February 2018 after worker loses two fingers. The Dronfield based engineering firm, who manufactures automotive components, was found to have had inadequate risk assessment in place…

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Workman Dies On-Site At University Of Birmingham

Following on from my article a few days ago detailing the death of an employee working in a greenhouse environment, it is sad to read that two employees were injured in a workplace accident on the grounds of the University of Birmingham last week (one fatally). It is reported that the equipment being used at…

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Chatham Greenhouse Workplace Accident

Many people treat the coming of a new year as a new start and, for businesses, that could mean an overhaul of their procedures or a review of workplace safety. The importance of this is highlighted in an article in the Blackburn News about a Chatham Greenhouse workplace accident, which highlighted the catastrophic dangers employees…

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Couple in Fatal Work Accident – Faulty McDonald’s Drinks Machine

Two teenage lovers electrocuted by a faulty McDonald’s drinks machine had just finished secondary school in the Peruvian capital, Lima, having both found jobs at their local chain of the fast-food outlet. The pair had been working there for around six months. The girl was working with the drinks machine when she suffered an electric…

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Death At Work – Industrial Accident Inquest Ongoing

The inquest into the death of a Stourbridge man due to an industrial accident on the 2nd of September is still ongoing, the local newspaper writes. Twenty-three-year-old Mitchell Pountney died at his workplace, Cutting Edge Skirting in Rowley Regis, though there were no direct witnesses on the scene and no CCTV footage exists. Midlands Air…

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Factory Worker – Death By Industrial Accident

The article in the Burnley Express today about the young man who sadly died whilst working in a food packaging and decorations company highlights the dangers of working with industrial machinery. It is distressing to hear such accidents still happen and that, notwithstanding stringent laws ensuring employee safety, machinery can and does still cause accidents. …

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