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Uber: Supreme Court Ruling, February 2021

On 19 February 2021, the UK Supreme Court confirmed that a small group of drivers engaged by Uber had the status of workers as opposed to self-employed contractors in the landmark judgement of Uber BV v Aslam.   The Court held that these Uber drivers were to be classed as ‘workers’, meaning they are entitled…

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Employment Law No Win No Fee Solicitors – Leeds

Are you seeking legal professionals who are specialists in handling disputes involving all aspects of employment law to provide you with advice for your particular situation following a dispute with your employer in Leeds?   If you are involved in employment dispute at your place of work, you should consult the highly qualified and experienced…

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COVID-19 – A Guide for Employees

Coronavirus raises significant challenges for employees and their families. The Employment Department at Oakwood Solicitors Ltd understands the uncertainty that employees are currently facing in light of this worldwide pandemic. Following an increased spike of calls and emails that we have been receiving regarding employee rights, we have decided to put together some of the…

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COVID-19 – An Employers’ Guide For SME Businesses

Coronavirus raises significant challenges for business owners and their HR Managers. The Employment Department at Oakwood Solicitors Ltd understands the uncertainty that employers are currently facing in light of this worldwide pandemic. Following an increased spike of calls and emails that we have been receiving from our SME clients, we have decided to put together…

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Racial Discrimination and Coronavirus

As the current situation intensifies, more reports of racial discrimination are drifting in throughout the wake of the Coronavirus. Historical parallels can be drawn from recent history, with the H1N1 (swine flu) and Ebola outbreaks, with Mexicans and Latin Americans or other people of Latin descent experiencing abuse in the case of Swine Flu, as…

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DWP Disability Discrimination

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) is set to conduct a review into its practices, as it is revealed that it has been on the losing end of more employment tribunals for Disability Discrimination than any employer in Britain. According to research by BBC’s Panorama series, the DWP received 134 claims of discrimination against…

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Bullying In Lincolnshire Hospitals

According to a recent story in The Lincolnite, as many as one in three or more staff think about leaving the NHS due to bullying in Lincolnshire hospitals. Cases are as widespread as receiving harassment and abuse from patients, as well as bullying from fellow colleagues and even their managers. Based on staff feedback reports,…

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Cafe Charged €3,200 For Unfair Dismissal

A cafe business was charged €3,200 for unfair dismissal of a waiter who ate a croissant whilst at work. The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) deemed the manner of the dismissal to be contrary to the principle of fairness. The waiter in question stated that he needed to eat something before he took medication, and proceeded to…

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Gender Discrimination: Men More Likely To Feel Discriminated Against At Work

Statistics gathered by SME Loans have revealed that upwards of 8.2 Million UK employees feel they have experienced discrimination due to their gender throughout their working lives. Of the 2000 workers polled, 26% believed that gender discrimination had cost them in some way in the workplace, with the survey surprisingly revealing that more men felt…

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Poor Mental Health Amongst Workers – Costing Increase for Employers

According to a recent report by the charity Mind and recruitment firm Deloitte, the increase in prevalence of poor mental health amongst workers is affecting employers in more ways than just absence. With many staff reportedly scared to admit to struggling emotionally to colleagues and management, time spent at work is often unproductive as opposed…

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