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Contracts and the Covid-19 crisis

To quote Oscar Wilde, “expect the unexpected”, and never has this ‘saying’ been more relevant. Not only has the whole country been learning how to expect the unexpected over the past couple of weeks, it’s fair to say the world, as a whole, is learning how to adapt to the Covid-19 crisis.   At the…

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Private Renting in the wake of the Coronavirus

There are lots of questions surrounding the new ‘emergency legislation’ that is set to be introduced to protect those who are private renting as Coronavirus measures step up nationwide. Thousands of tenants have called upon the government to intervene before it is too late, and Landlords exercise their right to evict their tenants for not…

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Team Spotlight: Civil Litigation

Welcome to Oakwood Team Spotlight, where our departments are the stars. This month, our spotlight shines on Laura Walton and Adam Colville-Robins of our Civil Litigation team.   Department Lowdown Consisting of two members, Civil Litigation deals in all manner of cases – from landlord, tenant and boundary disputes to civil discrimination and harassment. A…

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Section 21 Notices – to scrap or not to scrap?

There has been much talk recently about the possibility that Section 21 Notices are to be scrapped. However, it is not clear if they are to be replaced with something else or if the scope of other Notices (such as a Section 8 Notice) are to be widened. It appears that all three main political…

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Bad Tenants – How Much Are They Costing You?

As a Landlord, you have likely felt the pain and dealt with the struggles of having a tenant that causes you difficulties that you never could have foreseen. The Insurer LV= has recently undertaken an analysis based on 1.5m Landlords, and the statistics to come from this show that 23% of Landlords have a tenant…

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Civil Litigation – What is it?

ARTICLE BY JASON SOUTAR As a Sports Journalism student, my knowledge of Civil Litigation was very limited, but since starting my employment with Oakwood Solicitors I have been able to grow a better understanding of the subject. With the use of that experience, I will (to the best of my ability) explain just what Civil…

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Landlord and Tenant Dispute – Case Study

Some (not all) Landlords will shy away from their responsibilities under a lease because it keeps costs down: Landlord and tenant dispute. Oakwood Solicitors

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Harassment case: ‘Neighbour from Hell’

A 79-year old woman - Kathleen Neal of Castle Donington of Leicestershire, was sentenced to twenty-eight days in prison as a result of her behaviour.

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Defamation – Inaccurate Employment References

ARTICLE BY: ADAM ROBINS An employment reference is something you often take for granted when leaving a job, and rightly so. Although your previous employer doesn’t have to provide a reference, if they do it must be fair and accurate. The consequences of receiving an inaccurate or unfair reference can be devastating. Imagine the following…

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How Long Does It Take To Evict A Tenant?

This depends on a number of factors. The best rule is to start the process as soon as possible and ensure all stages of the process are correct as delaying or submitting incorrect information could impede any action. First, you have to serve a notice which will give a tenant between two weeks to two…

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