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The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments

Some of you may have caught the documentary, The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments, last night on BBC One.   The Michael Mosley and Mehreen Baig BBC TV documentary focused on a variety of cosmetic treatments, for both their effectiveness and safety. This is part one of a two-part programme, looking at the booming industry and…

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Primodos – The Hormone Pregnancy Test

What was Primodos used for and why was it withdrawn in the UK?   Primodos is a form of hormonal pregnancy test which was produced by the German company Schering AG (now Bayer PLC), and was available in the UK from 1958 to 1978. The medication was withdrawn from general dispensing after allegations emerged that…

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Prescription Incidents Increase In 2019

Figures released by the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) show a 32% prescription incidents increase in 2019, compared to the year before. Statistics taken from October to December 2019 compared to the prior three months of the same year were 17% lower, though overall errors were up 7% for the fourth quarter of 2019. 95% of…

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Spire Healthcare Leeds Investigation

Spire Healthcare‘s Leeds hospital has launched an investigation into one of its surgeons after major concerns come to light over treatment of dozens of its patients. Just under fifty patients of the two-hundred patients reviewed have been recalled after shoulder surgeon, Mike Walsh, was suspended in 2018 following raised concerns about his practices.   A…

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Accidental Overdose Kills Teacher

A teacher in her late twenties died of an accidental overdose of paracetamol after calling 999 due to severe pain caused by a urinary infection. An inquest heard that the twenty-six-year-old teacher, Amber Hickford, was suffering from pain from a urine infection that was so extreme, she could barely walk as a result.   After…

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Methotrexate Fatalities Caused By Drug Name Confusion

The Pharmacy Times has written a story on the Institution for Safe Medication Practices’ (ISMP) report that it continues to receive cases where Methotrexate has been given in place of another drug by mistake, leading to a fatality. Methotrextate is a disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug (DMARD), which can be given for various types of arthritis. As…

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Bad Dentistry Costs Practice £10,000

A woman from Stourbridge has been awarded £10,000 in compensation for substandard dental work, after receiving ill-fitting bridgework from Dr. Richard Cockram of Kingswinford Health Centre Dental Suite. Further decay as a result of this treatment has resulted in the need for two teeth to be extracted, plus an implant to fill the gap left…

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Age Milestones – Medical Checks

Any person of any age group is at risk of illness. With this in mind, it’s worth remembering the major ones at various milestones in life that you should get yourself checked out for. Naturally, we begin to think increasingly often about our health as we grow older, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t…

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24 Severe Medical Errors Recorded in Lincolnshire Hospitals since 2017

Interesting data from NHS Improvement has revealed that 24 severe medical errors have been recorded throughout Greater Lincolnshire Hospitals since 2017. Such errors are logged as ‘never events’, referring to serious incidents which are completely preventable and have to potential to cause anything from significant harm or death to patients. What types of errors were…

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£4.3bn NHS Legal Bill For Clinical Negligence Claims

In light of the BBC’s report on the £4.3bn NHS legal bill for fees relating to Clinical Negligence, we ask how this situation has arisen and how it could be improved. This figure encompasses claims yet to be settled and a projection of estimated future claims, which the BBC obtained after a Freedom of Information…

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