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Serious Concerns Raised over the Safety of ‘Mplus X’ Lenses

Experts fear that more than 6,500 patients in Britain are thought to be at risk of blindness or impaired vision after having had their eyesight treated with the use of the Mplus X lenses. The lenses are used for eyesight correction surgery where a patient’s lens is removed and replaced by an artificial plastic lens…

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Focus Dailies Contact Lens Causes a Mother to Lose an Eye

Jacqui Stone 42 believes that the reason she lost her eye was due to an infection she believes was from her contact lens. Mrs. Stone spent over 17 weeks in the hospital and had 22 operations on her eye but in the end, she had to have it removed due to doctors’ fears the fungal…

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Mother Suffers Excruciating Blisters from Schwarzkopf Live Hair Dye

A mother suffered a severe allergic reaction to Schwarzkopf Live Hair Dye which caused her to be treated with steroids. Lyn Gregory 56 from Poole Dorset claimed that she did a skin test 48 hours before using the dye. After dyeing her hair she broke out in agonising blisters which took a course of steroids…

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