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Stress at Work Causing Burnout For UK Nurses – Randstad UK

According to a survey carried out by recruitment agency Randstad UK – 63% of practising UK nurses who were questioned claimed that pressure at work was having a significantly negative effect on their mental health. Also, 50% attribute this constant pressure to actual mental conditions, and 21% describing their mental health as ‘poor’. Gender bore…

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Stress Statistics – 1/8 Employees Absent Due to Stress in the Last Year

According to stress statistics reported by East Midlands Business Link, one in every eight company employees has felt the need to take time off work due to excessive workplace stress in the last year. Dolan Contractor Group contacted 140 UK employers and drew its findings as to what workers deemed to be ‘Excessive workplace stress’,…

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HSE: Work-related Stress at 18-Year High

A release of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) annual figures for Great Britain confirm that cases of work-related stress are at an 18 year high, with more new cases reported than the previous year. HSE’s formal definition of work-related stress is “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand…

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Stress in the England Ambulance Service

In an alarming freedom of information revelation by the BBC, figures show that 17% of the entire workforce is signed off in the England Ambulance Service due to Stress. Covering just under a fifth of all its members of staff, these numbers have risen by seven percent in half a decade. To counter this, the…

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Two in five workers experienced symptoms of work-related mental health issues in 2018

Mercer Marsh Benefits have released their annual report on Mental Health in collaboration with Business in the Community and their Wellbeing Leadership Team. A report from Mercer earlier in the year painted a problematic picture of British business leaders on the topic of mental health, and this annual report has further demonstrated the lack of…

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Event Industry News Survey – Workplace Wellbeing

Event Industry News has revealed that, over the last 12 months, nearly half of employers in the events industry have taken a more active role in trying to improve workplace wellbeing. The research completed bi-annually by Stress Matters, which had 430 respondents, shows that 45% of event industry professionals have reported seeing more effort by…

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Is This Sexual Harassment – BBC Documentary

Is This Sexual Harassment? Documentary receives extended release on BBC iPlayer. With prolonged availability on BBC iPlayer after its initial TV airing on the 13th of January 2019, Is This Sexual Harassment? relied heavily on the input from our own Director, Jessica Thompson, as a legal consultant during its production.   This unique documentary examines…

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Don’t Be a Stress Statistic – Stress at Work

There is no denying it: work-related stress, anxiety and depression are widespread issues. Oakwood Solicitors Ltd.

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